Grid Technology provides risk management solutions to ensure your business is minimizing uncertainty in an increasingly hostile information environment.

Cyber Security Advisors working with you to create a robust, flexible, security program, keeping you ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Our Services

Every company must rely on someone to create high tech equipment or assess their information security ecosystem and evaluate the potential harm to the stakeholders in the event of a breach or data loss.

They need a trusted advisor to help them implement security best practices to protect their company’s most valuable asset, its information.

Acting as trusted advisors, we help our clients plan, implement and monitor successful cybersecurity programs that align with business objectives.

We have an art for creating specialised technology to best combat any security breach.

  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Compliance Assessment
  • External Penetration Test
  • Internal Penetration Test
  • Compliance Pen Test
  • Application Pen Test
  • Data Breach Protection
  • Creating Security Technology
  • Writing New Security Programs